George Brett Spills Souvenir Wishlist Upon Inevitable Destruction Of The K

This is a fun note but let's take a peek into local paranoia . . .

Remember that the hometown star has spent far more time in the front office than on the field and this funny quote does more to get locals comfortable with the idea of an impending demolition despite any hard evidence of problems with the facility. 

Or . . . 

This could just be Kansas City's favorite old school legend making us laugh for old times' sake.


"If Kauffman Stadium gets torn down, there is just one item that Brett wants as a keepsake: a urinal.
No seriously, he wants to take a urinal from Kauffman and put it in his home."

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George Brett Has Hilarious Souvenir Request if Kauffman Stadium is Torn Down

Jackson County voters will decide in April if a 3/8th-cent sales tax will be extended to help finance the construction of a new stadium for Royals baseball. If