Downtown Kansas City Preps Upcoming Barney Allis Plaza Tear Down

Despite a great deal of development hack speculation . . . It seems that BIG BUCKS in Kansas City will help to fund car parking renovation. 

The spaces are desperately needed even if the top side event space has never really lived up to expectations.

Here's the basics of the move underway:

"The 970-space underground garage is set to be shuttered April 15, about four years after "a magnitude of code violations" led the city to close the lowest of its three levels.

"Kansas City now plans a new garage with 583 spaces across two underground levels . . . A specific financial framework for funding the garage construction and plaza renovation could be introduced for the City Council's review in the near future."

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KC will close deteriorating Barney Allis Plaza garage for demolition - Kansas City Business Journal

Kansas City will close the Barney Allis Plaza parking garage so it can be demolished, and the city has a new plan to revive the area.