Did Prez Biden Convince Kansas City?!?!

We watched most of his speech last night and it wasn't so bad . . . In fact, the protesters and naysayers came off a little pout-y and not very confident. 

Here's an upbeat assessment of the event but we're more interested in what TKC readers have to say about the display . . . Check-it:

 "His list of objectives was long: Tout his accomplishments in office, look ahead to a second-term agenda, allay concerns about his age and fitness and provide a contrast with Republicans, including his rival Donald Trump.

"The result was a fiery speech that bore little resemblance to his States of the Union past. Intent on displaying his energy and eager to engage with Republicans, Biden delivered a starkly political speech that his aides hope can ease Democratic jitters about his political prospects. "

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You decide . . .