Crossroads Community Association Commits Double Cross?!?

Again . . . This weekend tidbit is poorly timed yet STILL VERY IMPORTANT in the conversation going forward.


Here's the story that should inspire lifelong fighting amongst local hipsters and represents an important bit of new stadium strategy . . . Like it or not . . .

The Royals pledged to support small businesses, including those displaced by the potential stadium, by assisting with "rent support, relocation assistance, tenant improvements, and payroll coverage to help with employee retention." The team will also discuss construction scheduling with property owners and businesses in the area to reduce its impact, and will improve infrastructure impacted by the stadium — with an emphasis on storm water management, green solutions and development.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with the Crossroads Community Association to demonstrate how we can invest in and contribute to this part of our city,” said Sarah Tourville, executive vice president and chief commercial and community impact officer for the Kansas City Royals. “We have the opportunity to advance a once-in-a-generation proposal to return baseball to Kansas City’s urban core, and these commitments demonstrate how we can accomplish that as good neighbors.”

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Kansas City Royals announce commitments to Crossroads Community Association for potential ballpark

The Kansas City Royals announced Saturday commitments it will make to the Crossroads Community Association in the event Jackson County, Missouri, voters approve Question 1 on April 2.