Critics Celebrate Deadspin Layoffs After Kansas City Chiefs Fan 'Blackface' Crisis

A scribe for this sports blog sparked a ruckus by going after a youngster fan in a manner that many found misleading . . . Now, call it karma or online economics . . . We notice a great many cheers as yet another online "news" outlet falls upon harsh times. 


"Deadspin went viral in November for an article accusing a child who wore red and black facepaint with a Native American headdress of wearing "blackface" and finding a way to "hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time." The 9-year-old boy is of Native American heritage and his parents have filed a defamation lawsuit against Deadspin.

"Now, the entirety of Deadspin's workforce, including the writer who smeared the young football fan, have been forced out, according to a memo sent by Deadspin's former parent company G/O Media CEO Jim Spanfeller."

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Liberal sports blog that smeared 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan lays off entire staff after being sold

The far-left sports blog Deadspin lost its entire staff after being sold by its parent company G/O Media to European firm Lineup Publishing, according to a memo.

Deadspin sold by G/O Media, editorial staff to be laid off

Impacted staffers were notified Monday that they were being let go from G/O Media, marking the third round of cuts at the firm in less than a year.

Websites Don't Just Die Anymore. It's Stranger Than That.

Deadspin has been sold ... again.

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