Crime & Homeless Ruin Kansas City Taxpayer Funded Grocery Store

Mary Sanchez shares dutiful followup on this local disaster that has garnered MILLIONS worth of public support yet still seems like a place that most would want to avoid in search of any other decent option . . . Take a peek:

"Grocery carts are hot commodities in portions of the Greater Kansas City area, used by houseless people and others to stow and carry belongings. But the thefts are an expensive problem for area stores, like this Sun Fresh at Linwood Boulevard and Prospect Avenue . . . A new Community Action Network Center nearby, which will base two Kansas City police officers and a social worker, are expected to help address problems with drug use and vagrancy around the store’s grounds. "

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A Community Struggle to Maintain a Full-Service Grocery

The Sun Fresh grocery at Linwood and Prospect avenues in Kansas City is struggling to sustain itself in the face of neighborhood homelessness and drug use.