Capitalism & Our Betters: Brittany Mahomes Copes With Breakouts

Adult acne is a great equalizer amongst many white ladies . . . Actually and thankfully . . . Brit's problems don't seem that bad.

We're blogging this report if only to preserve our sanity from all of the stadium tax info and to prove that sometimes cash can't buy clear skin . . . Or at least requires an appointment to a luxury doc to prescribe exotic and pricey treatments.

Nevertheless . . .

We wish our eternal KC prom queen the best of luck on her skincare journey which reminds us that our TKC pillow cases need to be changed sooner than annually . . . Which might be part of the reason why my blogger visage looks like a cross between a lunar landing surface and a potato.

But I digress . . . Because we want to learn more about Brit . . .

"Brittany also shared before and after photos from a family photo shoot she had that same day, posting on her story some glam selfies, before posting a real and raw snap of her sitting in the makeup chair before. 'But just here for your daily reality check. Actually, really struggling with my skin right now trying to figure out why it’s just breaking out all around my mouth like I’m allergic to something, but can not figure it out,' she wrote."

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Brittany Mahomes Gets Candid About Flaring Acne On Her Face In Makeup-Less Selfies: 'I Have No Idea' | Access

Brittany Mahomes is getting candid about her skin care. The wife of three-time Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes took to her Instagram story on Mar. 26 to share a selfie video about some struggles she deals with when it comes to acne forming on her face.