Brittany Mahomes Back Fracture & Pelvic Floor Probs ALMOST Explained

As always, we warn out blog community NOT to take medical advice from dudes on the Internets. 

However . . . 

Here's a bit of freebie insight into the medical drama of our betters . . . Check-it:

Richard Dole, MD, an ob/gyn with Metropolitan OB/GYN, an affiliate of The Family Childbirth and Children's Center at Mercy. “The pelvic floor is connected to the lower back, and each of the bones are connected together by a series of ligaments and tissue,” he says. Childbirth is “stressful” on your body, and it can leave your pelvic floor unstable in the aftermath, Dole explains.

“If there is a lack of stability, it can lead to further injury,” he says, noting that you can wind up with a fractured back from doing a range of activities. Dole also says this can be especially risky for active women. Still, he points out that this is “relatively uncommon.”

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