Blame Missouri Republicans & Gun Rights For Kansas City Mass Shooting?!?

Today we notice a partisan trend emerging in the aftermath of a historic Kansas City tragedy.

Clearly there are talking points targeting the plebs which hope to distract away from better questions about public safety and a legacy of rising local crime that now spans nearly a decade. 

The main question posed to those of us on the receiving end of this argument: 


The election season gambit has been hinted at throughout social media but now our progressive pals are making their case plainly.

Here's the word from a former Star scribe who now pens an accusatory screed for a prog blog and social media . . . Check-it:

"Kansas City is an aspiring region, seeking to capitalize on its sports teams, new airport and overall good vibes, and to present itself as a welcoming city for visitors, companies and new residents.

"The Republican-run Missouri legislature wants to push the limits on gun access, deny that gender identity can be fluid, ban abortions and crack down on anything that might be considered “woke.”

"The city and state are in conflict and, given Republican supermajorities in Jefferson City, the state has the upper hand.

"But Missouri’s Republican priorities are harmful for Kansas City. That became glaringly apparent on Feb. 14, when terrified adults and children scattered after gunfire broke out as thousands of people were celebrating back-to-back Super Bowl wins for the Chiefs football team."

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Apologizing for Missouri's legislature is routine in Kansas City * Missouri Independent

Kansas City's downtown took on a campus-like feel in early February as 8,000 visitors congregated at the downtown convention center and fanned out to nearby bars, coffee shops and tourist sites. The guests included students, immigrants, people of color and people who identified as LGBTQ, in town for the annual conference of the Association of [...]

Similarly, today the nearly defunct newspaper offers this editorial polemic from a Harvard prof hoping to talk locals out of their constitutional freedoms . . .

'Stand your ground' law gone wrong: Both Chiefs rally shooters can claim self-defense | Opinion

It perpetuates the idea that Missourians should shoot first, and ask questions later if they feel threatened. | Opinion

You decide . . .