Biggest Kansas City Budget Features DEI?!?

Sorta . . .

There is a ton of FREE MONEY.

A bit of language accommodation for new friends. 

More than a million bucks worth of cash for no-show anti-crime programs.

And even money to keep the bike lane scam going strong.

Here's a more hopeful announcement . . . 

The Kansas City Council stamped its approval on the City’s Fiscal Year 2024-2025 $2.3B Budget —the largest budget in the history of Kansas City.

The FY24-25 Budget emphasizes the community initiatives such as:

🏠 $400,000 for Neighborhood Empowerment Grants
🚸 $7.5M increase in sidewalk funding
🍔 $900K EDC small business support
📚 $900K total for language access implementation
👷 $234,987 for Source of Income implementation
❤️ $1,266,500 for REACH program
🚮 $550K for increased litter abatement and a clam truck for solid waste
🏞️ $1M for the 18th & Vine Streetscape project
🏀 $500,000 for beginning design for a new Northland Community Center
🛑 $4M for vision zero
🚧 $40M+ for street resurfacing
🌳 $1M to continue Canopy Cover KC Trees (the grant plus the goal to plant 10k trees)
🚛 $10M for new vehicles to expand and improve our snow removal, neighborhood preservation, health, and trash removal operations

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KCMO: FY 2024-2025 budget approved by City Council on March 28.

Developing . . .