Ariel Young's Family Statement After Britt Reid Pass: 'Seems Laws Don't Apply Equally'

Better than the politically charged pandering of politicos . . . This word from the victims of a tragic crime speak loudly throughout the Kansas City metro and the nation . . . Check-it:

Tom Porto, the attorney for Ariel’s parents, said the family was “horrified” by the decision.

“The family is disgusted, I am disgusted, and I believe… that the majority of the people in the state of Missouri are disgusted by the governor's actions,” he told The Daily Beast.

“If you drink and drive and you put a little girl in a coma… you should have to serve the entire sentence that a judge of this state gave you,” he added.

Porto also provided a statement from Ariel’s mother, Felicia Miller, who asked: “How would the governor feel if this was his daughter?”

“It seems the laws don't apply equally to the haves and have nots,” she added. “The haves get favors. The have nots serve their sentence.”

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Victim's Family Slams Gov. for Pardoning NFL Coach's Son

"How would the governor feel if this was his daughter?" Ariel Young's mother told The Daily Beast after the son of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid had his sentence commuted.