TKC Debates KCUR's Sam Zeff On Sketchy SCIENCE Of Gun Control

Actually . . . From this exchange it's pretty clear that partially taxpayer funded JOURNALIST doesn't think much of TKC and doubts our ability to understand "research" on gun control. 

Moreover . . .

The esteemed Kansas City "metro reporter" basically talks down to your second favorite blogger whilst doubting our ability to "focus" and deriding our bloggy "training" and "education" in a rather snithe and backhanded manner. Clearly, he wasn't trying to win TKC over with kindness. 

In response . . . We shared a few of our favorite GIFs and a moment of doubt in the science of gun control that is unlikely to pass in Jeff City despite so much alleged empirical evidence. 

Because, even if our education & training don't meet the high standards of KC public radio, we do, in fact, understand subtext & snark . . . We even have feelings like other humans. Sniffle.

Posted to entertain & inform both sides of the conversation and also reveal just a bit of seething contempt for TKC from other cowtown newsies who seem much nicer to other Latinos who take their political direction with far less sarcasm and questions than smart-ass bloggers like TKC.

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Sam Zeff On X/Twitter: "Well, here's what the research says."