Swifties Won Kansas City Chiefs Back-To-Back Super Bowl?!?

Yes, we offer this silly post title in order to share some of the very worst politicized celebrity reporting in the aftermath of back-to-back glory for the Kansas City Chiefs. 


Sure, progressives always have and will control the pop culture discourse BUT our conservative friends shouldn't be disenchanted given that VOTERS aren't always convinced by clever reporting and politics taken from student election playbooks. If that was the case . . . We'd be getting ready for Hillary Clinton's 3rd term as Prez. 

Still . . .

Here's a peek at outrage content that's tempting people without impulse control to rage:

Following the Chiefs' win, Biden's verified personal Instagram account posted a "Dark Brandon" photo of the president with laser beams shooting out of his eyes, along with the caption, "Just like we drew it up, @Chiefs."

The post was poking fun at the baseless theory that a Chiefs' Super Bowl victory was designed by Democrats so that Taylor Swift — who is dating Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce — could leverage the opportunity to endorse Biden for president in 2024.

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