Surviving Kansas City Porta-Potty Crash

Behind the scenes it has been a busy week but as long as we're still updating this blog . . . We'll strive to share this kind of worthwhile Kansas City local life news story with our blog community.

For more than sh*ts & giggle but to document a more realistic look at cowtown life beyond pop diva conspiracies and baller glory.

And so, we check this harrowing tale of a culture clash & EPIC mess in the aftermath: 

"The porta-potty could be seen sitting on the highway for nearly an hour on Kansas City Scout Cameras. At one point, a person walking along the highway could be seen pushing the porta-potty to the shoulder of the road before Missouri Department of Transportation road crews showed up, cleared the scene and drove away.

"But, just a few minutes later, an SUV pulled up to the porta-potty. Two men then strapped it to their car and started driving away. Then, the straps came loose, and the porta-potty was again left to sit in the middle of the highway once again.

"At least two cars could be seen almost hitting the porta-potty on the dark road before one unlucky driver collided with the debris. No injuries have been reported as a result of the crash. "

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Stinky road conditions: Driver collides with porta-potty left sitting on I-435

The saga began overnight Tuesday into Wednesday along I-435 near Blue River Road