Social Media Rejoices As Brittany Shrugs & Jackson Mahomes Apparently Denied

This story isn't important . . . It won't earn a discount on car insurance or make your laundry cleaner. 

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In much the same way that this entire afternoon is dedicated to distract Americans from what might be a world war already in progress . . . And so we note a bit of club life drama that has garnered MILLIONS of plebian eyeballs . . . Thanks to TKC readers for keeping us in the loop and offering a welcomed respite from far more pressing video game issues.

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Jackson Mahomes -- brother of Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick -- whose last name can usually probably get him just about anywhere, appeared to get denied from a private area at a Future concert in Las Vegas on Saturday.

The video, noticeably cut and potentially out of context, shows Brittany and Jackson purportedly trying to convince a security guard to let Jackson into the section. The security guard appears to give a clear no to Jackson. The second cut shows Brittany appearing to look over to where Jackson is, outside of her section, with a massive shrug as to say, "sorry bud, did all I could do." She proceeds to start grooving to Future, as any of us would do in a similar situation.

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