Show-Me Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood After Hotly Debated Right-Wing Video

This lawsuit will undoubtedly spark more debate across the nation . . . For now here's a peek at BOTH SIDES of the argument:

“Planned Parenthood staff admitted they traffic minors across state lines to perform abortions on them without parental consent. Worse, they admit doing this ‘every day, every day, every day,'” (Missouri AG) Bailey said in the filing. “The surreptitiously recorded video revealed that Planned Parenthood removes minors from school using altered doctors’ notes, transports them into Kansas for abortions, and then quickly returns them — all to avoid parents finding out.”

The video referenced in the lawsuit was published late last year by the right-wing undercover group Project Veritas, and it revealed how Planned Parenthood Great Plains staff arrange interstate travel and provide doctor notes to minors so they can be excused from school for their procedures. Staff were also recorded admitting in the video that “in Planned Parenthood, we consider you an adult, you can make the decision then we’ve got you … We never tell the parents anything.”

Prog blog counterpoint quote . . . 

Michael Wolff, a former Missouri Supreme Court chief justice and dean emeritus at St. Louis University School of Law, said his first question about the lawsuit is whether a fictional story is admissible in court.

Because in reality, he said, the lawsuit does not prove whether anyone has broken the law.

“So far we’re dealing with fiction,” Wolff said. “This is at base a highly political lawsuit and it’s very much presenting the courts with a hypothetical question. Courts don’t like to address hypothetical questions. They address real cases.”

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Missouri AG Bailey filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Great Plains for trafficking children outside of the state to obtain abortions without parental consent.

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In the video, a KC area Planned Parenthood tells a man pretending to have a pregnant niece that she can get an abortion in Kansas without parental consent.

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