Show-Me GOP 'Civil War' Emerging

This Missouri prog blog offers a far more panicked report on Republican divisions in Missouri amid disputes across the nation . . . Quoted if only because it's interesting to see journalists attempt to contain their glee . . .

"What is emerging as a bitter Republican Civil War in the Missouri Senate for the remaining months of this year’s legislative session.

"Granted, the Freedom Caucus represents a minority of Senate Republicans. But as Freedom Caucus members demonstrated, a filibuster by a minority of GOP members can block Senate action."

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Capitol Perspectives: An uncharted path for Missouri's legislature * Missouri Independent

Missouri's Senate is heading into uncharted territory that could disrupt the legislative process for the remaining months of this year's session. It involves a deep split among Senate Republicans by members of a new national conservative organization who are challenging Missouri GOP Senate leaders. That national organization, State Freedom Caucus, proclaims on its website: "We [...]