Show-Me Ethics Fight Against GOP Speaker

The only reason this is interesting is because most of the Jeff City slap fighting is betwixt different brands of Republicans who struggle to insult their colleagues given that RINO doesn't really sting as much as it once did amongst all of the middle-class white dudes in bad suits . . . Take a peek:

"(Missouri House Speaker) Plocher has been accused over the last few months of, among other things, pushing for the House to enter into a contract with a private company outside the normal bidding process; threatening retaliation against legislative staff who pushed back on that contract; improperly firing a potential whistleblower; and filing false expense reports for travel already paid for by his campaign.  

"The allegations sparked a formal investigation by the House Ethics Committee, which hired an outside attorney to lead the inquiry. He’s also faced calls for his resignation by several members of the GOP supermajority."

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'Dark cloud': Ethics investigation of Dean Plocher continues to hang over Missouri House * Missouri Independent

The Missouri House Ethics Committee investigation into Dean Plocher casts a "dark cloud" over the session, according to some.