Report: Toilet Footage & 'Pizza Party' After Kansas Marion Newspaper Crackdown

Public interest has mostly faded in this story and so the aftermath reporting searches for silly details that might be of interest . . . Here's a passage that made us laugh:

“While Chief Cody did not turn off his body camera while relieving himself, he apparently chose to turn it off while he reviewed Gruver’s file on him, for the Marion Police Department did not produce any body camera footage from Cody of him looking through Gruver’s file on him,” the lawsuit reads.

After finishing the raid, Cody had a “pizza party” with the county sheriff to debrief him, according to the lawsuit.

Cody told Soyez that it “made his day” to yank Gruver’s phone out of her hand during the raid. Soyez then told him that his body camera was still on, and Cody had Hudlin turn it off, saying he couldn’t “get this damn thing to turn off,” the lawsuit states.

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Former Marion police chief had 'pizza party' after raid, turned off body cam, new lawsuit says

by Rachel Mipro, Kansas Reflector Former Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody did not remember the Miranda warning when he forced Marion County Record newspaper staff out into the nearly 100-degree heat ...