Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush Rebuked Over Israel 'White Supremacy' Rhetoric

The STL progressive has faced a wave of challenges as of late . . . She has met opposition by ramping up statements that many might call "radical" at the very least.

Found via Missouri's best bloggerr John Combest

Here's a glimpse at her campaign kickoff that has more of her constituents criticizing her politics . . .

"Rep. Cori Bush, the Missouri Democrat from St. Louis, spoke in front of the crowd of approximately 200 of her supporters at a rally in north St. Louis County. About 20 minutes in, she started talking about U.S. aid to Israel.

"For context, at the end of October, President Joe Biden requested from Congress at least $14.3 billion in additional assistance to Israel, which would include money for the “Iron Dome” and other air and missile defense systems.

"Bush, like many others on the political left, has been a vocal critic of Israel’s military response in Gaza and U.S. support of it. In Bush’s speech to her supporters, she referenced money being used “to help drop bombs on kids.”

"A few minutes later she added: '[T]his is not about antisemitism. It’s not about whether I hate Jewish people or not, because I absolutely don’t. What it is about is white supremacy.' "

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Opinion: No, Rep. Bush, the war in Gaza isn't about 'white supremacy'

For someone who has been writing about politics for the past several years in this current political environment, it came as a surprise when I heard a politician say something