Missouri Republicans Fight Against KKK Connected Candidate

Forgive our #TBT reference to a classic Madonna song . . . Posted only because she was a far more interesting pop star than Taylor Swift and because her work remains fare more intriguing than Missouri Republican politics.

Here's the sitch for those who haven't seen already . . . 

“The Missouri Republican Party has been made aware that Darrell Leon McClanahan III filed for Governor as a Republican despite his affiliation with the Ku Klux Klan, which fundamentally contradicts our party’s values and platform,” the party said in a post on X Thursday. “We have begun the process of having Mr. McClanahan removed from the ballot as a Republican candidate.”

McClanahan responded in a post on X, saying in part, “The GOP knew exactly who I am. ... What a bunch of Anti-White hypocrites.”

McClanahan's campaign website describes him as “the conservative voice for governor of Missouri” and lists one of his campaign promises as opposing “the woke agenda.”

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Missouri GOP moves to toss 'honorary' member of Ku Klux Klan from governor's race

The Missouri Republican Party said Thursday it was working to remove a Republican candidate for governor from the primary ballot after a picture of him appearing to do a Nazi salute while standing in front of a burning cross resurfaced online.

Missouri GOP Candidate: It's OK, I'm Only an "Honorary" KKK Member

Darrell McClanahan III thinks his ties to the hate group aren't that bad because he wasn't an official member.

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