Many Kansas City School Districts Admit Super Bowl Parade Priority Over Studies

Today's life lesson . . .

Most Kansas City "scholars" have their whole working life to take abuse for customers, mid-level managers and coworkers . . . But football glory is fleeting and deserves to be savored.

Accordingly, here's a cross-section of local life and more info . . .

"Area school districts are mixed on whether students will be excused to attend the parade, with some citing the snow days used last month as reasons for not canceling school."

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Chiefs Champions Victory Parade | School districts mixed on calling off school

Most school districts on the Missouri-side have canceled class for Wednesday's parade, while most Kansas-side will have a regular schedule.

Kansas City-area schools cancel for Chiefs 2024 Super Bowl parade

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs are back-to-back Super Bowl champions, the Kingdom is preparing for another parade and rally.

Olathe, Blue Valley schools announce change of plans on day of Chiefs Super Bowl parade

School administrators announced that they would share information near Spring Break on how they would make up for missed class time.

Red Snow Day: Here are the school districts that will be off for the Chiefs Super Bowl parade

Some school districts have already decided to cancel class on Wednesday, February 14.

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