LGBT Super Bowl Party Too Pricey For Activist Justice Horn

We enjoy this perspective from Kansas City's top ranking rising star leader & LGBT commish.

Like many people . . . The cost of Super Bowl partying is a bit too rich . . . For many of us on the low end this is why community-based celebrations like cookies, BBQ and/or taco deals are a more ACCESSIBLE way to celebrate along with everyone else.

Here's the word . . .

"As a 20 something Black queer activist and college student, I really can’t spend $3-4,000+ out of pocket to attend. I honestly don’t share this to shame anyone, but rather to show that on top of working to get into these spaces, it takes additional resources to get there.

"I felt a little embarrassed coming to the realization that I couldn’t afford to attend, especially with Kansas City being in the Super Bowl and as someone who has helped Kansas City become a national leader on LGBTQ+ rights.

"Whether it’s equitable travel stipends by the NFL ($150 Billion net worth) or the city giving our commission a budget for opportunities like this, folks on the frontline shouldn’t be expected to front these costs. "

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Justice Horn X/Twitter: "I appreciate the invitation from the NFL and GLAAD to represent Kansas City for “A Night of Pride With GLAAD at Super Bowl LVIII,” in Las Vegas—but I’ll be unable to attend the event."