KCK Crime Drop ALMOST Explained

This morning progressives struggle to understand why The Dotte is achieving success against crime. 

Hint: The defund movement never really took hold in that part of town despite the best efforts of our friends from More2.

Actually, Kansas City talker Pete Mundo has covered this topic SEVERAL times over the past few months in a way that wasn't so anti-police . . . 

Still . . . Right now we share how progressives are attempting to understand the issue:

After decades that reinforced the department's reputation as a corrupt force that failed to respond to a large violent crime problem — which past FBI reports confirm — the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department appears to be making strides toward better results. That’s even as former KCKPD Detective Roger Golubski faces a federal criminal trial on allegations that he was a dirty cop who protected drug dealers and serially abused Black women.

Not including police shootings, KCKPD reported 24 homicides in 2023, the lowest since 2012, when there were 22. (On the other side of the state line, in Kansas City, Missouri, police recorded the city’s deadliest year, with 182 homicides.)

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Kansas City, Kansas, recorded its least deadly year in a decade. Police watchdogs are taking notice

Police Chief Karl Oakman, on the job for two years, says he reduced homicides and violent crime by using four strategies, including keeping officers present in neighborhoods and responding to every single fentanyl overdose.