Kansas Weed Arrests Haven't Spiked Despite Legal Marijuana Proliferation

Sign of the times and a tacit admission that the Sunflower State is also a "kind" destination that doesn't really have the resources to crack down on SO MANY Johnson County stoners. 

Whilst we're tempted to giggle at the predicament . . . It's also clear that Kansas conservatives are content to lose out on NEARLY ONE BILLION BUCKS worth of revenue whilst the rest of the nation profits from a legal cash crop boom.


"Even with that new, easy access to legal weed, fewer people face arrest in Kansas on marijuana charges. Prosecutors and police remain obliged to enforce the state’s prohibition on cannabis — Kansas is one of only 11 states that outlaw marijuana even for medical purposes — but generally make it less of a priority.

"So, while statistics are still taking shape in a state bordered by three states where medical and recreational sales are legal, arrests on cannabis charges and seizures of illegal weed appear on the decline or at least flattening out."

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Missouri legalized weed last year, yet Kansas saw little increase in drug arrests

There is no single reason for the drop in arrests, but multiple agencies are showing a drop or plateau in weed charges.