Kansas Prog Blog Protests GOP 'Anti-Trans Bullying' Legislation

Again . . . Our main complaint is that these bloggers fancy themselves journalists and they have the awards to back it up.

Meanwhile . . . Most of us understand that this kind of screed is, like it or not, partisan advocacy:

They’re bullying our fellow Kansans.

If lawmakers actually behaved like that at high school, they would face discipline and possibly suspension. In the Kansas Legislature, however, they will revel in news media coverage and behave as though they’re protecting someone from something nefarious. You know, the same way a high school bully “protects” a target in P.E. class by shoving them to the floor.

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Legislative bullies target Kansas LGBTQ+ kids for harassment with anti-trans bills * Kansas Reflector

When Kansas GOP leaders consider three bills Thursday targeting transgender youth, they might as well bully them in person.