Kansas Prog Blog Denounces 'Xenophobia' Amid Sunflower State Texas Border Debate

Here are the basics of a discussion that was mostly overlooked by Kansas City media.

Whilst there was condemnation of Missouri officials for sending more National Guard troops to Texas; Kansas Republican sentiment was mostly unnoticed.

This report rounds up the immigration conversation in one, convenient screed that leans decidedly left and doesn't really accomplish much . . . Exactly like the Midwest chest-thumping these scribes decry.

Take a peek:

The Kansas House resolution to support Texas in its conflict with the federal government over border control passed 80-40 on Wednesday.

The resolution, sponsored by more than 60 members, urged Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, to “offer the services of the Kansas National Guard to the state of Texas.” The resolution also “affirmed state sovereignty” and accused the Biden administration of not only failing to protect the country from an “invasion” of undocumented immigrants, but of prohibiting Texas from defending itself.

In response to the resolution, Kelly said the border is under federal jurisdiction and Kansas troops would only be dispatched if ordered by the president.

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