Kansas LGBTQ+ Leaders Push Back Against Alleged 'Outing' Mandate

More debate over pronouns and identity whilst American Public Education continues a downward spiral that's mostly politically motivated . . . Check-it:

The Kansas attorney general's letters to superintendents of three Kansas City-area districts, Topeka's superintendent and the Kansas Association of School Boards accused them of having “surrendered to woke gender ideology.”

His letters didn't say what he would do if they didn't specifically require teachers and administrators to out transgender and non-binary students.

LGBTQ+ rights advocates saw the letters as seeking policies that put transgender and non-binary youth in physical danger but also as an attempt to tell transgender people that they're not welcome.

Jordan Smith, leader of the Kansas chapter of the LGBTQ+ rights group Parasol Patrol, said forced outing will create more anxiety for students and even push some back into the closet.

“It's like they don’t want us to exist in public places," said Smith, who is non-binary.

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Kansas AG Kobach tells KC-area schools they must out trans kids to parents

Kansas' attorney general told three Kansas City-area districts they're required to tell parents their children are transgender or non-binary.