Kansas City Stays Winning Cheese Game

We promise to revisit this topic when we have more time for bad puns . . . 

For now, very much like the middle-aged suburbanites we all know who stay in great shape for no obvious reason and MIGHT have doppelgangers that you've noticed on one of those swinger dating apps we pretend not to search constantly . . . We share the stinky goodness:

The menu at the new restaurant is the brainchild of Oskar Arevalo, who moved back to Kansas City from France during the pandemic, quickly becoming Green Dirt Farm’s head cheesemaker and now executive chef and director of culinary operations. “He’s an incredibly talented cheesemaker. He’s the kind of chef who wants to know how to make everything, and he makes fantastic charcuterie platters and cured meats and fermented foods,” says Hoffman. “He is very much a nose-to-tail chef who uses every part of the animal.”

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Award-Winning Cheese is Coming to the Crossroads - IN Kansas City Magazine

Big news for cheese lovers and fine-food aficionados-Green Dirt Farm is bringing its talents to the Crossroads. "I've been thinking about it for years," says founder and owner Sarah Hoffman of her new restaurant venture, Green Dirt on Oak. "One of our big challenges is that it's hard to reach customers up in Weston."