Kansas City Star Shares Self-Defense Argument For Mass Shooting Suspect

Here's another side to this drama platformed by the daily newspaper . . . Credit to TKC commenters who have already mentioned that suspected shooters likely won't see much time because both parties of the deadly "dispute" will likely claim self-defense. 

The crux of the argument:

"They said Mays, who grew up in Raytown, is a good person who loves his family, animals and playing video games. He struggled with a learning disability and did not finish high school. Sometimes, they said, he had comprehension problems. His family supported him because he did not have a job. He had recently completed probation after displaying a gun in 2021 at a Belton community center."

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'Not a monster': Family of Lyndell Mays, charged in Chiefs rally shooting, speaks out

Lyndell Mays' sister says she was right beside him when he became involved in the shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory rally at Union Station. She says he acted in self-defense.