Kansas City South Side Development Forgets History Of Three Trails

A really great neighborhood post offers concern about new trends in development and design that replace the character of the community . . . Check-it:

"Whatever the reasoning is for either of these buildings’ exterior, it certainly would have been more admirable to consider the history of the area itself. Just to the east, between the shopping center and the Blue River, is a National Park Service informational exhibit marking actual swales (ruts) left by the wagon wheels of those who crossed the river on what has become known as the Three Trails (Oregon, Santa Fe, and California). This trail alignment then goes roughly down Holmes, passing Red Bridge Shopping Center. With all the pavement in the area today, it’s difficult to know the exact trail route, so there’s every possibility it actually crossed shopping center land."

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We Shouldn't Forget Our History, Or Those Who Came Before

You have to wonder about architects. Do they just see a vision in their minds of what a building should look like and then sell that concept to their client, convincing them that it's the way to go matter what? Red Bridge Shopping Center is a prime example.