Kansas City South Side Council Dude Explains 'Income Discrimination' Law

This recent ordinance MIGHT be confronting legal push back and overall it was unpopular outside activist circles . . . In a recent article Mayor Q's in-law offers a more hopeful take on the legislation:

"The ban would mean that landlords could not disregard a tenant based on their source of income. With a penalty of a $1000 fine or time in jail for noncompliance, it’s worth reviewing the ordinance which goes into effect August 1.

"The Telegraph asked Sixth District City Councilman Johnathan Duncan, who sponsored the legislation, to help break down the information."

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What landlords should know about KC's discrimination ban

"We found that there were landlords here in Kansas City that stated 'We do not accept vouchers' or 'Any prior evictions need not apply.' That is now prohibited."