Kansas City Source-Of-Income Housing Discrimination Ban/Mandate Crisis Sneak Peek

There is empirical proof that government tinkering with housing typically raises prices and creates scarcity.

Here's another round-up of Kansas City ignoring basic economic principles in favor of activist outcry: 

Kansas City’s coming source-of-income discrimination ban also prohibits landlords from rejecting applicants solely based on their credit score, previous evictions older than one year, or prior convictions or arrests.

Landlords say that puts their investments in rental housing at risk.

“If someone doesn’t pay their bills it would be dumb for us to accept them in our property and go through the same problems,” Johnson-Cosby said.

But advocates for the new ordinance say it will give low-income residents access to better living conditions because landlords often exploit the fact that Section 8 tenants have limited options.

“This leads to unsafe conditions, folks having maintenance issues go unaddressed for months, really messed-up personal treatment of tenants, and discriminatory behavior,” Henderson, with KC Tenants, said.

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Kansas City's ban on rejecting housing vouchers - landlords say it'll shrink options, renters think it'll help

Tenants say the new ban on source-of-income discrimination - against renters on Section 8, for instance - will open up their housing options. Landlords say it may close them further. Meanwhile, renters wait months and years for the vouchers.