Kansas City Royals Downtown Stadium Debate Kickoff: Who Won?!?

Let's start Monday with a recent & worthwhile report that deserves more attention . . . Here's the setup:

"Both sides join us to discuss the issues that are sure to arise. Is this a sales tax extension, or a new tax? What kind of economic development can we expect? What will the “Community Benefit Agreement” include?

"Bridgette Williams represents supporters, while Becky Nace and Tim Smith take the side of those opposed to the sales tax."

A bit of behind the scenes . . .

We all know Bridgette Williams is a power player with the Heavies and she has demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver MASSIVE voter turnout from the urban core by way of the deep pockets of her friends.

The criticism: 

She is an elite power player and many have criticized her comments about the economic reality of the stadium as uncaring and dismissive.

On the other side . . . Former Council Lady Becky Nace & Campaign dude Tim Smith attempt an old school gambit that we've seen FAIL before . . .  They want to feign support for the Royals whilst denying the tax they oppose would keep the home team in KCMO. That has NEVER worked in the past during these tax debate because it seems duplicitous. However, and more importantly, there is GROWING AND VERY LOUD GRASSROOTS SUPPORT AGAINST CROSSROADS DESTRUCTION proposed by the new stadium . . . And detractors of the sales tax extension are willing to forgive a great many campaign missteps.

The criticism: 

Tim Smith's connection to Courthouse beef and so many school board political tussles he has endured in Lee's Summit might undermine and alienate potential allies. 

We know that Becky Nace is a smart lady . . . But she has been out of politics for nearly 20 years and all of her strongest connections are now on the other side of her grassroots campaign. 

Again . . . We merely share a bit of backstory & perspective for context.

Take a look at the first major argument via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Debate surrounding Jackson County stadium sales tax

On this week's edition of "4 The People," representatives of both sides of the debate over Jackson County's 3/8 cent sales tax join us to discuss the issues that are sure to arise.