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Close readers of this blog know that we salute hottie model, biz lady & trend setter Denise for inspiring our dedication to the glam game as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Northeast Damage Well Done

Warning Curtain beneficial - City says curtain worked as designed

Michael BushnellPublisher Less than a week after the installation of the new low bridge warning curtain system leading to the infamous Independence Avenue truck-eating bridge, the westbound system of hanging...

It's All About Merch

Kansas City boutiques staying busy selling Chiefs merchandise ahead of Super Bowl

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Football fashion. It's become a big thing in recent years, especially this season as Taylor Swift-mania took over Chiefs Kingdom. Kansas City-area boutiques are seein...

Season Of SAD Endures

This winter has been gloomier and cloudier than usual across the Midwest and Great Plains

Winter tends to be the cloudiest part of the year, but data shows there were more overcast days than usual in parts of the region.

Celebrate Local Begging Game

Crowdfunding platform for small businesses launches local hub for KC entrepreneurs

A newly announced partnership with the international non-profit Kiva is expected to boost Kansas City entrepreneurs who have had difficulties securing traditional bank loans - offering access to social underwriting and affordable starting capital.

Playing Up Promo

Kansas City area holiday party leads to $100K scratch off for lucky winner

One lucky gift recipient during a Kansas City area holiday party is now $100,000 richer thanks to a scratch-off purchased at a Platte Woods gas station.

Golden Ghetto Second Helping

Johnson County breakfast restaurant in former Don Chilito's finally has opening date

Here's how the breakfast restaurant will pay homage to Don Chilito's.

Local Sweet Lesson

Encore Coffee Company's chocolate deserves applause too

"I learned how to make bean-to-bar chocolate during the COVID-19 pandemic and found it fascinating."

More Than Handful Of Info

Everything you need to know about model and wellness coach Denise Milani

Here's everything you need to know about model and wellness coach Denise Milani.

Report Rebuked?!?

Did special counsel cross the line in bashing Biden's memory? Even some Republicans think so

Special Counsel Robert Hur's 345-page report has plenty of critics and supporters among politicians. But here's what veteran prosecutors had to say .

Senator Speaks

Hillary Clinton calls Joe Biden's age a 'legitimate issue'

"I talked to people in the White House all the time, and you know, they know it's an issue, but as I like to say, 'look, it's a legitimate issue,'" Clinton said.

MAGA Made Them Do It

'His fingerprints all over it': Nikki Haley says Trump's to blame for Republicans' rough week

The GOP presidential candidate and former South Carolina governor told a crowd in her home state that 'chaos follows' Trump, current party favorite.

Former Prez Against White House

Trump calls Biden's handling of classified documents "brazen theft"

"Now in my case, I'm covered by the Presidential Records Act," Trump said.

Holy Land Earns Cache Prize

Israeli military finds 'significant' amount of Hamas weapons and assets, including inside UNRWA headquarters

The Israel Defense Forces announced that its soldiers launched raids on several Hamas-affiliated facilities, including inside the UNRWA headquarters.

Eastern Europe War Tests Tech

US F-16s are exceeding the expectations of Ukraine's pilots, report says

Ukrainian pilots training on US F-16 fighter jets are praising the multi-role jet fighter.

South Of The Border Conflict Bubbles Up

Venezuela building up troops on Guyana border, satellite images show

Aerial evidence follows months of President Nicolás Maduro ramping up claim to Essequibo region

Funny Man Makes Mistake Of Trying Too Hard

The We Saw Your Boobs backlash: just how 'degrading' was Seth MacFarlane's Oscars song?

In 2013, the Academy hired the brains behind Ted to create a winking satire of terrible Oscar shows. Instead they got a 'sexist' firestorm

Dead-Tree Real Estate Reporting

See inside $500K historic Kansas City home. Can you guess where they put the indoor pool?

First owned by a doctor-amateur magician, this house has surprises at every turn.

South Side Inspiration

Whether on The Plaza or at its new location in Grandview, Tirza Design support women

"We're trying to help train these young women in entrepreneurship so they can build their own brands."

Hipsters Share The Love

KC Sipps: Valentine's ideas, Afrodisiac launch, and a Lunar New Year celebration

Food and Drink Editor Sarah Sipple shares timely restaurant news, delicious events, and local deals each Thursday morning.

Community Conversation 

324: Relentless Pursuit Outreach and Recovery | Northeast News

Join the Northeast Newscast in this weeks heartfelt conversation with publisher, Michael Bushnell, Executive Director of Relentless Pursuit Outreach and Recovery (RPOR), Stephanie Wiley, and RPOR Community Outreach Coordinator Monique...

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