Kansas City Police Staffing Crisis Cont'd

A recent post from our South Side friends stars with more explanation of a new 11-hour shifts that police leadership hopes will provide more manpower to battle rising local crime.

However . . . This passage about continued staffing shortages is far more telling . . .

South Patrol covers 62 square miles and now has around 76 officers regularly assigned to it.  South Patrol Commander David Jackson  said it would take a little over 100 officers to be fully staffed.

Sergeant Chris Hayes who is in charge of property crimes for South Patrol said he has three detectives to work on property crimes, and he needs eight.

“I had no idea how bad property crimes were until I started this job,” he said.

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Anti-crime meeting outlines new police staffing schedule

The new patrol staffing schedule with 11-hour shifts will help put more officers on the streets.