Kansas City Overnight: Earthquake Tremors, U.S. Strikes & Fan Faves

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Local Painting With Light

Photographer using historic neon signs to tell story of Kansas City

Nick Vedros is a Kansas City photographer and president of the Lumi Neon Museum, a nonprofit and a space in Pennway Point that will be dedicated to historic neon signs throughout the city.

Toy Train Collection Expands

NewsChopper9 Video: New Streetcar arrives in Kansas City as expansion continues

NewsChopper9 was was above 3rd and Grand when it arrived Friday afternoon.

Suburban Weed Stays Winning

'We've been so busy': Grandview dispensary sees success in first year sales of recreational cannabis

Saturday marks one year since recreational marijuana use was legalized in Missouri. Adult use cannabis sales topped one billion dollars in sales in 2023.

Biz Bust Again

Hollywood Casino misses deadline to begin hotel construction for 10th straight year

Longtime Wyandotte County residents remember the development agreement. Hollywood Casino received STAR bonds to help build a casino in the Legends area of Kansas City, Kansas.

Shakes Ahead Of Saturday

Did you feel it? 5.1-magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma felt in the Kansas City metro area

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake near Shawnee, Oklahoma, was felt in Kansas and portions of the Kansas City metro area.

Starlet Shamed

Anne Hathaway called out for 'rude' behavior as video of her waving to fans sparks debate

A video of Anne Hathaway refusing to take photos with fans in Italy sparked a debate amongst her supporters about whether she was being rude or reasonable.

Middle-East War Escalates

Live updates: US set to respond after deadly drone attack on Jordan base

Three American service members were killed on Sunday.

Commander-In-Chief Mourns Losses

Hand over heart, Biden joins grieving families of US troops killed in Jordan as remains arrive home

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden joined grieving families at Dover Air Force Base for the dignified transfer of the three American service members killed in a drone attack in Jordan last weekend.

MAGA Against Tech Funny Money

Trump Calls Central Bank Digital Currency 'Very Dangerous'-After Vowing To Prohibit Fed's 'Digital Dollar'

Trump owns $3 million in cryptocurrency and has a line of NFTs.

Supreme Ruling For Diversity

Supreme Court won't block West Point from considering race in admissions

The Supreme Court ruled the U.S. Military Academy at West Point may continue using race as a factor in admissions, leaving intact the slim remains of affirmative action in higher education. At the end of it's last term, the high court in a landmark decision gutted race-conscious admissions policies at universities nationwide, except at military...

Eastern Europe Casting Choices

HBO is recasting a 'White Lotus' role after Ukraine accused the actor of supporting Russia

HBO announced it would be recasting a "White Lotus" role held by Miloš Biković after the Ukranian government accused the Serbian actor of supporting "genocide."

Holy Land Fight Heats Up

First Thing: Israel says Gaza offensive will move into Rafah

Defense minister Yoav Gallant's announcement comes despite presence of more than 1 million civilians in city. Plus, Michael J Fox on how Parkinson's has not defeated him

More Deets On Shakes Tonight


It wasn't your imagination...a rather significant earthquake occurred near Prague, OK at 11:24 PM Friday night. It was felt widely across eastern KS and western MO. Reports indicate that the quake also felt down towards the Lake of the Ozarks as well as northern Parts of Liberty, and out towards Lawrence, KS.

Winter Creeps Back In . . . 

FIRST WARN FORECAST: Cooler temps arrive Sunday

A First Warn is in place Saturday afternoon into Sunday because of rain showers, which could impact your weekend plans.

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