Kansas City Mob History Earns Spotlight

Super Bowl week is always a dead zone for real news . . . However, one of the stations is picking up this tidbit which reminds us that a lot of what we're seeing on MSM is mostly for rubes . . . Check-it:

“Kansas City mobsters were all over Las Vegas casinos,” says Claire White, the director of education at The Mob Museum.

Those mobsters had their hands in what was called “The Skim”.

“So, the skim is money off the top either by under reporting or under calibrating scales, so it seems like you’ve earned less on the take. There were Kansas City operatives working at the Tropicana, the Stardust, as well as a number of other Las Vegas casinos,” said White.

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Mob Museum highlights Kansas City's role in organized crime amidst Vegas glitz

The Mob Museum holds artifacts and stories of organized crime not only in Las Vegas, but all over the country.