Kansas City LGBT Safe Space Skate Park Debuts In Waldo

This one is more interesting than it might seem because skating culture is so varied and delightfully weird that it might need this kind of balance. 

Sadly, and hopefully not reveal too much about myself, skater life is where a lot of younger Gen-Xers came into contact with skinheads and all manner of druggies. Great music, cool haircuts and the early days of Jackass were benign facets of this American cultural moment that could get dangerous if left unchecked.

And so . . . Maybe safe spaces might not be such a bad thing . . . And so we share this bit of local news with the caveat that so many still seek to influence, protect and speak to the NextGen and their hobbies.

Here's the description . . .

"Nestled in the Waldo neighborhood, Goofball Sk8boards aims to break down barriers and create a welcoming environment for skaters who often feel underrepresented in the sport. Harper and Joan Rose have been boarding for years. Over the course of that time, they saw a need for change in sports. "

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Inclusive indoor skateboard park in Kansas City opens safe space for LGBTQ+ skaters

In Kansas City, a unique skatepark offers a safe space for LGBTQ+ skateboarders, despite its image as an alternative sport for rebels.