Kansas City Lawyers Debate Liability After Deadly Mass Shooting

EPIC donations to families will probably prevent lawsuits when it comes to the main victims. 

But the reality is that legal action after disaster is likely and often encouraged. 

Here's the argument so far:

"But there also looms the possibility of civil lawsuits filed by victims and their families. At least 39 people were injured, including around two dozen with gunshot wounds, and Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a Shawnee mother and DJ, was killed.

"The Feb. 14 parade was financed by the city of Kansas City, which allocated nearly a million dollars to pay for it, as well as Jackson County ($75,000) and the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority ($50,000). The Chiefs and unnamed private donors also chipped in a total of $1.3 million. A Feb. 11 media release invited fans to the parade and rally on behalf of “the City of Kansas City, Kansas City Sports Commission and the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Could any of those entities be held liable for the injuries and death?

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Who has legal liability for mass shooting at Kansas City rally? The Chiefs? The city?

So far, two teens and two adults have been charged in the mass shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory rally, with more criminal charges likely to come.