Kansas City, Kansas Democrat Proves Unpredictable On Flat Tax

We respect this bit of posturing for a scheme that's overly complicated and gives UNDENIABLY focuses on giving the SUPER RICH MORE TAX BREAKS . . . Still, we always respect the hustle in playing up in this economic trickery that even former Prez Reagan called "Voodoo Economics" back in his day . . .

While Republican leaders in the Kansas House estimate they have the two-thirds majority needed to override Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of the legislation, their compatriots in the Senate believe they are still one vote short. The bill is one of their top priorities for the session.

Sen. David Haley, D-Kansas City, and one of a small contingent of Senate Democrats who would be critical to sustaining Kelly’s veto, said Monday he has doubts about which way he will be voting.

“I want everyone here to know, David Haley is not predictable on such crucial measures. …” Haley said. “I’m just not a placeholder there that can be so easily predicted.”

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Kansas City Democratic senator: I'm 'not predictable' on flat tax override vote - Kansas Reflector

Kansas Sen. David Haley, a Kansas Democrat, says he cannot make up his mind on a sprawling 5.25% flat tax proposal.