Kansas City Highlights: Border Debate, Global Conflict & Warmup

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Check TKC news gathering . . .

Cowtown Sounds Abound . . .

Kansas City area gears up for big names to grace the stage in 2024

Some big names will take the stage in venues across Kansas City in 2024. Here's who they are and how to see them.

Paddy Wisely Saves Comments

Patrick Mahomes tight-lipped about his dad's arrest ahead of the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said Monday night his father was "doing good" after his arrest.

Asked NOBODY . . . 

How to find tickets for the 2026 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2026 match schedule has been revealed, and where to get tickets has become top of mind for many people wanting to get their shot at seeing the greatest soccer stars in the world.

Taxing Teachable Moment

Blue Springs School District seeks no-tax-increase bond issue Tuesday at polls

The Blue Springs School District placed a no-tax-increase new bond issue on the ballot Tuesday, while Independence voters will narrow the city-council field through two contested primaries.

Building On History In The Dotte

Downtown KCK officially approved as Historic Commercial District

The Kansas State Historic Sites Board of Review has approved the nomination of downtown KCK commercial district for the Register of Historic Kansas Places.

Snail Mail Crisis Persist

Mail delivery issues create headaches for Kansans, Missourians

"It went from, 'Oh, God,' to hopeful," Steve DesBien of Kansas City, Missouri, explained of his recent struggles with getting mail delivered through the United States Postal Service.

Public TV Agenda Setting

Nick's Picks | Super Bowl Week for the Chiefs

The week's news will be dominated by another Super Bowl appearance by the Kansas City Chiefs. But there could be a downtown ballpark announcement by the Royals.

Averting Ink'd Distraction

Paris Jackson reveals why she covered up her tattoos at the Grammys

Paris Jackson revealed why she decided to cover up her extensive tattoo collection for her appearance at the Grammys in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Prez Flexes Border Power

Biden would veto standalone Israel aid bill backed by GOP, says White House

Administration backs broader bill providing funds to Ukraine, Israel and US border as it tells Congress to reject 'this political ploy'

MAGA Argues For Democracy

Donald Trump urges Supreme Court to keep him on ballot in final pitch before arguments | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump on Monday urged the Supreme Court to keep his name on Colorado's ballot, accusing his challengers of pursuing an "anti-democratic" legal case against him, in the final written argument he's expected to make before the justices hear oral arguments in the case this week.

GOP Can't Find Compromise

Senate's border deal teeters on brink of collapse

During a private meeting on Monday night, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell did not forcefully whip for or against the bill, according to two attendees.

Rant Against Illegal Assault

Megyn Kelly outraged over migrants beating up NYPD cops: 'Get them out of here!'

Kelly on Friday reacted to video from last week showing a group of around a dozen undocumented migrants beating up two officers in Times Square.

Fight Cont'd After Attack

Kremlin supporters are fuming after footage appears to show Ukrainian drones decimating an entire Russian armored column

Ukrainian FPV drones filmed drones destroying Russian tanks and armored vehicles, and Russian military bloggers and pro-Putin channels are frustrated.

Holy Land Scorched Earth

Photos: Israel claims victory over Hamas in a key city as many in Gaza go hungry

In the past week, the U.S. has targeted Israeli settlers in the West Bank, families continued to mourn their losses and Israel claimed to have defeated Hamas in a key Gaza city.

Candidate Confronts Trolls

Nikki Haley requests Secret Service protection due to threats | CNN Politics

Nikki Haley has applied for US Secret Service protection because of threats she is facing as the only remaining GOP presidential candidate competing with former President Donald Trump for the party's nomination, Haley's campaign spokesperson confirmed to CNN.

Beauty Contest Turns Ugly

Ukraine-born Miss Japan winner relinquishes crown following affair

The controversial Ukraine-born model has resigned after a report on her relations with a married man.

Golden Ghetto Scheme Admitted

Former Overland Park business owner pleads guilty to $800,000 COVID fraud - Newstalk KZRG

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Overland Park, Kansas, man pleaded guilty in federal court today to charges related to fraudulently receiving more than $800,000 un

Saving Old KCI Tiles

Mosaic medallion artworks from old KCI find new homes - KC STUDIO

38 have been installed in new terminal; 50 more destined for other city-owned buildings.

Local Humans Vouch For Tech

Relationship banking in the digital age: Why businesses should demand a trusted human (backed by tech)

Digital transformation has moved much business banking activity online, writes Brian Hoffart. But while technology should simplify routine banking tasks, it needn't eliminate the human interaction that remain key to a successful business-bank relationship, he said.

Late Night Snack

Saddle Up, Partner: Chartreuse Saloon is the inclusive cowboy hang KC deserves

Hot dog at Chartreuse Saloon. // Photo by Lauren Textor Chartreuse Saloon can be a bit of a sensory overload if you don't know what to expect. As indicated by the name, the color scheme is yellow-green, and the theme is cowboy. Steer skulls and a single dart board are mounted on the walls.

Spring Sneak Peek Preview . . .

Windy, warmer weather ahead for Kansas City

Stronger wind Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the low and mid 60s.

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