Kansas City Gang Kills Teen Over Shirt

As many of our newsie betters have mentioned . . . Gang beef dominates local life even if its unrecognized by our politicos & media personalities. 

Here's a tragic but important passage from recent reporting that some of our smarter readers might already connect to THE OPEN BORDER CRISIS that most U.S. Latinos don't endorse as much as the tokens on TV would like casual viewers to realize . . . Check-it:

"Both 18 at the time and alleged members of the transnational crime organization MS-13, confronted the teen because they believed he was wearing a shirt that represented a rival gang, according to court records . . .

"According to court records, a group of four men approached VICTIM and asked if the shirt he was wearing with a number “8” meant that he was a part of the rival 18th Street gang."

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Alleged MS-13 gang member sentenced to 25 years for fatal shooting of Kansas City teen

Alexis Menjivar was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the shooting death of 17-year-old Johan Sarmiento-Peralta.

Man sentenced for killing teen he believed was wearing rival gang symbol: prosecutors

Kansas City man was sentenced a 19-year-old Kansas City man to 25 years in prison for killing a 17-year-old on the teen's birthday in 2022.

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