Kansas City Faith Blogger Denounces Reverence For MAGA

For quite some time we've heard about the Lincoln/MAGA connection . . . In his latest blog post, former Kansas City Star scribe attempts to debunk the devotion of so many conservatives.


"Politicians, of course, often have used religious languages, tenets and doctrine for political gain. At times, in fact, discerning when a political leader's appeal to religious ideas is a purposeful path to more power can be tricky. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, often used the language of Christian spirituality to help Americans understand what he was trying to accomplish in the Civil War. This was true even though Lincoln's thinking was often in some tension with traditional Christianity. My reading suggests, however, that this was less an exploitation of religion for political purposes than it was Lincoln's effort to communicate in ways that most Americans would understand.

"That's a far different approach than, say, that of former President Donald Trump, who liked to promote the idea (widespread among his most ardent followers) that God had chosen him as a political leader to accomplish what God wanted accomplished. The facetiousness of that idea was so apparent that it was shocking that even one person believed it.

"Similarly, the notion that Putin is a tool God is using for divine purposes is such an astonishing claim that it's hard to imagine why anyone agrees with it."

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