Kansas City Crime Scene: Shoplifter FINALLY Sent To Prison After EPIC 50 Convictions

There are a great many important items to cover in this latest blast of local police action, criminal court cases and ALLEGED MISDEEDS.

However . . . 

We'll start out with a story of local justice for merchants delayed but not denied . . . Check-it:

Kansas City man, convicted more than 50 times, sentenced to prison

A Kansas City shoplifter is sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing $400 worth of items because of his extensive record, prosecutors said.

Hearing continued for mother whose child died in fall from downtown apartment

Corrinne O'Connor, the mother charged in the death of her 5-year-old son after he fell from an apartment window last year in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, appeared Monday in Jackson County court.

Experts identify skeletal remains found in Kansas City's eastside

Forensic specialists have identified skeletal remains found near E. 30th Terrace and Van Brunt Boulevard in Kansas City in 2022.

Death investigation underway in Jackson County after body found in field Saturday

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a body was found in a field Saturday.

24-year-old man pleads guilty, sentenced in second Raytown homicide

Logan England entered a guilty plea in the 2018 death of 17-year-old Makayla Brooks. He's already been sentenced in another 2019 homicide.

Police seek Missouri Sonata after early-morning Overland Park robbery

Police continue to search for a red Hyundai Sonata out of Missouri after an early-morning robbery in Overland Park.

Police Say Mysterious Deaths of 3 Chiefs Fans Remains 'Ongoing Death Investigation' After Toxicology Reports

Police say that the case of the three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were found dead in their friend's backyard remains a death investigation after early toxicology reports reportedly indicated they had drugs in their systems.

Parents of football fan found dead outside friend's house speak out

David Harrington's parents appeared on Chris Cuomo's show to react to the toxicology reports.

K-9 brings down Omaha man after crime spree near Excelsior Springs

A suspicious vehicle call southwest of Excelsior Springs led to the K-9 takedown of an Omaha man after he allegedly stole the pickup of two farmers and led police on a chase through Clay County.

Patrick Mahomes' Dad Allegedly Busted With Open Bottle of Coors in Car

Smith County Sheriff's OfficeMore details emerged Monday about Patrick Mahomes Sr.'s latest driving while intoxicated arrest, with an arrest affidavit alleging the former MLB star was busted with an open bottle of Coors in his center console when he was pulled over on Saturday in Texas.Mahomes, whose namesake son is set to quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday, allegedly told a cop that he'd "had a few beers while watching a game at a local bar" before he was pulled over

Man faces felony charges for flying drone over AFC Championship game

A Pennsylvania man is facing federal felony charges after he allegedly flew a drone over M&T Bank Stadium during the Ravens vs. Chiefs AFC Championship.

More than a dozen dead geese dumped in Kansas City parking lot. Was it illegal?

The animals were partially butchered - but there was no noticeable smell or signs of foraging from animals.

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