Kansas City Chiefs Avoid Sin City Temptation

Here's a peek at how Kansas City's Super Bowl champs stay away from all of the good times in Vegas.

Hint . . . They're as far away from The Strip as possible.

Check the overview on how to avoid distractions that are far more entertaining than a pop diva singing about all of her old boyfriends . . . Check-it:

"But Vegas has no shortage of other vices that could put Super Bowl LVIII participants in legal or professional jeopardy, which is why both teams are staying in Henderson - about 25 miles away from the Vegas Strip.

"As expected, the temptation to gamble is strictly prohibited by the league, as NFL executive vice president of communications, public affairs and policy Jeff Miller told reporters on a recent conference call: 'The rules are no different for the participating teams' players and other personnel as they would be for any other game. When on business, there is no gambling, whether it be sports gambling or otherwise.'

"There is also the temptation of hard drugs in Las Vegas, which has higher cocaine use than all but four other major American cities, according to American Addiction Centers."

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Daily Mail -- Super Bowl scandals: Chiefs and 49ers aim to avoid Las Vegas' temptations and the infamous prostitution arrest, drug use, and other pitfalls that doomed NFL teams' title hopes

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