Kansas City 'Black Queer' Digital Archive Coming Soon

Sometimes our readers forget that this is an ALTERNATIVE blog community and we take great PLEASURE in offering a glimpse of Kansas City life outside of chuckle fest that passes for mainstream news. 

Accordingly . . .

We might disagree with this group politically but there is no denying that this tech project pushes the boundaries of traditionally "diverse" fare that's constantly promoted and we can't help being a bit CURIOUS about the effort . . . At the very least . . . Peaking outside the blinders of MSM makes for better conversation than grousing about some pop diva who only sings 2 & 1/2 decent songs:

"{B/qKC} is a Black queer digital archive educating audiences on the contributions of Black LGBTQIA2S+ Kansas Citians–in turn, liberating their histories from racism and homophobia-fueled erasure. Born from their frustration with Black queer resource-deficiencies in Kansas City, {B/qKC} is founded and curated by Nasir Anthony Montalvo through The Kansas City Defender."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

A new Black queer archive opens in KC; the {B/qKC} Launch Party

Celebrate the launch of {B/qKC} through food, drink, party & a preview of its city-wide exhibits launching in April.