Kansas City Bike/Walk Activists Demand More Budget Cash

Not so long ago . . .

This group wanted ALMOST HALF A BILLION BUCKS for their efforts.

But then . . .

Neighborhood push back over bike lanes Truman Road seemed to limit their efforts and urban neighborhoods seemed to value small biz and street access over the limited benefit of bike lanes.

Now . . . They're back and desperately in search of more cash . . . And so, in fairness, we take a peek at their efforts.


"The KCMO budget has a critical impact on multimodal priorities for the city, funding everything from staff and equipment to key projects. It represents one of the best opportunities to urge city leaders to support the needs of people who walk, roll, bike, and use public transportation. "

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ADVOCACY ALERT: Speak Up for the KCMO Budget!

Learn more about what's in the proposed budget and make a plan to go to one of the three public meetings.