Kansas City Antiquing Almost Explained

For the record . . .

Old school cowtown denizens also refer to dating over 40 as "antiquing" given that the practice also involves dealing with a lot of discarded junk that's sometime hazardous amid a vast sea of throwaways whilst desperately holding out for a hidden gem. 

Or at least something to spruce up a humble home. 

As always, we share a more optimistic view . . .

"Antique stores are known for their hidden gems, curated to present customers with the most eye-catching, unique finds. But how do these rich collections of antiques make their way into Kansas City shops?"

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The Thrill of the Hunt: Understanding the art of antiquing in KC

Weird Stuff Antiques. // Photo by Erin Woodiel Imagine that you enter a store, taking in a massive collage of color, texture, and style. You carefully squeeze through aisle after aisle, moving between shelves and towering piles of boxes. A model airplane hanging in the corner catches your eye.