Kansas City 2024 Homicide #6: East Side Death Deemed Homicide

There is still hope that Kansas City can take momentum from an arctic blast in January, build on the ensuing homicide pause and curb the rate of killing this year. Remember, at this point on the calendar in 2023, KCMO had already recorded 15 homicides.

Still . . . We notice that fatalities and local gunfire spiked again as the temperatures increased. 

Accordingly . . .

Early this morning police worked to investigate what was initially deems a suspicious death.

Here is the latest report and more info on the circumstances surrounding the killing . . . 

 HOMICIDE: Brush Creek and Virginia

Last night just before 10:15pm officers were dispatched to Brush Creek and Virginia initially on a shooting call.

On arrival officers contacted callers who said they were passing by and saw the victim, an adult male, down, and unresponsive.

They assumed he had been shot and they called to report a shooting.

Officers summoned EMS to the scene. EMS declared the victim deceased at the scene. It was not readily apparent to EMS what the cause of death might have been at that time.

Because the circumstances were suspicious enough that it could have been a homicide, detectives responded and began investigating the suspicious death along side Crime Scene Investigators who processed the scene. As part of the preliminary investigation a medical examiners office representative responded to the scene as well.

As the investigation continued, Detectives were able to determine that the victim had injuries not consistent with an accident or natural causes, and they are investigating this case as a homicide.

More detailed information regarding cause of death is still under investigation and will be provided to detectives by the medical examiner as they continue their portion of the investigation.

If anyone was in this area at this time last night and has any information they are asked to contact Homicide detectives directly at 816-234-5043 or the TIPS Hotline anonymously at 816-474-TIPS. There is a reward of up to $25,000 for information submitted anonymously to the TIPS hotline.

We are committed to assisting victims of violent crimes through use of Missouri’s Protection Program for Victims/Witnesses of Violent Crime. Funding for temporary, or even permanent relocation, may be available but is subject to pre-approval by the State’s administering agency.

We are working with Partners for Peace in all our homicide investigations to monitor risks for retaliation and provide social services to affected residents.


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